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I teach. I love to teach. I teach all sorts of stuff to tell ya the truth, but the thing I love to teach is art. I have been teaching Strata CX since 2001. Everything from beginner classes to advanced. You have a need to learn? Contact me and see if I can help you out. I have taught everyone from California, to New York, and even someone all the way over in Cyprus.

I have taught:

  • Art for Kids
  • 3d Modeling and Animation
  • Adjunct Professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati teaching...
    • Interactive Multimedia
    • 3d Modeling
    • Flash
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Animation
  • Shotokan Karate

So, I guess you can say I have been around the block, but I love to see the look in a persons eyes when it all clicks together.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for the class, please don't hesitate to contact Christian.




"I've used Strata 3D CX for more than 15 years. There are a lot of good tutorials online, but Christian Moore's training is a must if you want to reach the next level. He's a dynamic teacher. He's highly motivated and technically minded with real-world experience and a special gift for helping others achieve their goals. I recommend Christian Moore's training to anyone who wants to broaden their Strata 3D CX skills."

Patrick Breton
National Public Relations



"The Strata Class was an excellent jumping off point to learning the programs basics in Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering. Christian is not only very knowledgable but very patient. He makes learning and adapting to a new program easy. Thank you Christian!"

Michele Gerard
Altrum Group

"As a novice Strata 3D user, I was somewhat intimidated by the 3D world, modeling concepts and creating environments that existed only in my mind. Christian was able to simplify what could have been a very complex program and make it so that even my 9 year old daughter could understand it! I was very impressed with his level of knowledge, as well as his ability to meet each user on their level of experience and offer suggestions to make them better 3D designers in their field. My confidence level with Strata 3D is greatly increased by Christian's ability to teach me the tools that will be necessary to apply to my business' creative needs."

Chief Container



If you want to learn Strata 3D, christian's class is the only way to go! Christian made the class fun and energized!

Michael Strauss

"Prior to Christian Moore’s training, I had never worked with Strata 3D. His course gave me the opportunity to work with the software in a laidback environment where I felt free to ask questions and learn from everyone in attendance. The course covered a daunting spectrum of topics, yet the environment was extremely conducive to my retention of the information. I was also impressed at how well the course applied to the range of attendees – both Strata experts and novice users picked up several tips and tricks that we never knew were available. I left feeling very confident about what I am capable of doing with Strata 3D and how I can continue to advance my skills in the program. Thanks, Christian!"

Vanguard Companies



"I loved being walked through the projects step by step. All of us visual types have to appreciate being able to walk out of there with some cool pictures. And even a teeny-tiny movie!"


"Teaching style is great, I didn’t feel that you were rushing through things at all. There seems like a million things you can do in this program but you covered everything to get you started."

Impress Packaging



"I thought I understood the basics of Strata Design 3D before taking Christian Moore’s course; however, it wasn’t until I went through Christian’s course that I now feel I truly understand the fundamentals and possibilities that exist through the use of Strata Design 3D. Thank you Christian, You Rock!"

Troy Broetzman














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